Hawaii IPAWS, Military Neuroscience, Psyops, or Cyber Warfare? Sherri Kane Confronts Officials

Published on January 21, 2018 by Revolution Television

Hawaii IPAWS, Military Neuroscience, Psyops, or Cyber Warfare? Sherri Kane Confronts Officials

This video captures Hawaii citizens’ outrage over the July 13, 2018 breach of the IPAWS (Integrated Public Alert Warning System) false incoming missile alert, and shows Major General Vern Miyagi and others confronted with questions they really can’t answer. Why? Because they are obviously out of their league when it comes to cyber-security, cyber-warfare, and FEMA warning procedures and system software, and the likelihood their system was hacked, not simply mistakenly operated.

And not only that, General Miyagi and Governor Ige’s official in charge of the Hawaii Army National Guard, Maj. Gen. Arthur “Joe” Logan, has no knowledge of what’s happening across town at Booz Allen Hamilton, or in their “Focus Group’s” intelligence operations supervised by the CIA and DHS in favor of the really lucrative world of nuclear cyber-warfare and security systems testing.

“Follow the money” to new contracts for social engineering to market and gain public acceptance of expensive defense technology and cyber security and warning systems equipment by AT&T. Depending on public support and legislative appropriations, their “First Net” is more profitable than their initial $40 billion investment to control all emergency alerts issued to first responders. Also consider the Department of Defense’s intelligence agency Booz Allen Hamilton in Honolulu was given more than $5 billion to handle breaches of nuclear computer security, hacking opportunities, and social engineering, advertising, and marketing to control more than anyone will ever know.

Booz Allen is certainly a firm with this kind of cyber-crime capability, and nefarious history (recall Edward Snowden’s Wikileaked INTEL generating the public fear meme “Big Brother is Watching You!”) with compelling financial motives for such cyber-sabotage. Plus, it is only a few miles away from where this “Preparedness Meeting” took place, and the likely IPAWS system hack occurred. Booz Allen is Pacific headquarters for the American military (especially U.S. Navy and National Security), and private multi-national businesses depend on their intelligence too, each desiring to know precisely what the public and defenders will do in the event of a real incoming ballistic missile. And the similar “mistake” made by Japan’s leading behavioral science broadcaster NHK TV made only days later is best considered a similar “drill” for their overseas ally opposing North Korea.

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Keep up with the latest discoveries in this “case study” of “military neuroscience” and related psychological operations (i.e., “PSYOPS”) advancing whether you like it or not. And here, watch Sherri Kane, our Medical Veritas International Inc. investigative journalist, and co-author of Space Pearl Harbor (SpacePearlHarbor.com), confront officer Miyagi. This is a modern “Town Hearing” rendition of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

Sherri Kane Confronts Miyagi on Evidence of Psyops


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