Amsterdam Lecture PART 1—528 LIFE: The Miracle Technology Enrichment Workshop for Better Businesses & Relationships

Published on July 11, 2018 by Revolution Television

In this Part 1 of Dr. Horowitz’s “528 LIFE” lecture, he introduces the solution to the problem of burgeoning populations, illegal immigration, and man-made diseases linked to pollution and intoxication from “modern medicine”—drugs and vaccines, This multi-award winning doctor works for justice to arrest leading “genocidalists” waging “frequency warfare” while advancing artificial intelligence (AI) and a little known depopulation plot (as examined in Part 2).

Humanity’s greatest hope for physical salvation, spiritual renewal, and evolving higher consciousness rests in 528Hz frequency science, Dr. Horowitz says. The doctor advances “medicinal music,” “therapeutic art,” healing equipment, homeopathic remedies, uplifting fashions, bio-energizing jewelry and much more to solve the overwhelming problem of civilization’s degeneration.

The “Love 528 Paradigm Shift” is already visible in the music industry, reports the author of The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE. The “LOVE 528” frequency is increasingly being used in natural medicine and the arts. It is transforming recording artistry and clinical practices faster and more powerfully than any movement in recent history courtesy of experts internationally confirming Horowitz’s discoveries that draw on prophecy and the musical-mathematics of “Divine Design.” Listening to 528Hz music puts people in the “zone” of creative self-expression and Divine communion. Like tuning into a special radio station broadcasting over a special frequency, 528 is the clear channel broadcast at the heart of the cosmic “matrix math” controlling nature and natural evolution.

“The frequency of 528Hz touches and opens people’s hearts while calming people’s minds and egos to support self-improvement and healthy sustainability,” said Sherri Kane—the doctor’s partner in a not-for-profit music frequency transposition service operating by public support. Transposed musical tracks and albums are donated to broadcast over the 528Radio network that already includes a dozen genres.

528Hz frequency has the honorable “triune distinction,” explains Kane. First, 528 is the “‘MI’iracle tone of the original Solfeggio musical scale. Second, 528 plays at the heart of the most spiritually-uplifting church hymn in history–the Hymn to St. John the Baptist. And third, 528Hz is the “key of the House of David,” according to revelations from the Torah and New Testament, Isaiah 22:22 and Rev. 3:6-8.

These 528 educators question traditional values, ethics, morals, philosophies and spiritual theologies challenged by biotechnology, genetic engineering, and AI.

“What about Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs wherein ‘love and belonging’ among real people is paramount to self-esteem and actualizing personal passions?” Kane asks. “Is it too late to save civilization by heralding the 528 frequency that celebrates the Creator’s miracle-making reality evidenced throughout nature?”


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